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6 Inspiring Uses for Wallpaper

If you’ve ever moved into an older house, you may have had the experience of having to peel off old, faded wallpaper. Or maybe you’ve been in the position of hesitating to put wallpaper into your new home because you’re picturing exactly that scenario one day playing...

Laying the Foundation

Once the paperwork and prep work is done and the lot prepared, the first thing that will happen in actually building your new custom home is laying the foundation. When you’re planning the structure of your house, there are multiple different foundation types to...

Warm for the Winter: Insulating Your New Home

When you’re in the colder months, it’s easy to appreciate the value of a well-insulated home. Having the proper architecture and insulating process for your house not only ensures that you stay warm, it also drastically reduces your utility expenditures. A properly...

Building Permits: What You Need to Know

As you might expect, breaking ground on a new home isn’t as simple as just grabbing a shovel. In order to make sure that the building process is safe for everyone involved, including the neighbors, you’ll have to file for the appropriate building permits. If the...

The Best Plants For Bringing the Outside In

By the time January and February have rolled around, they often come with a case of the winter blues. The gray days and dormant foliage outside can leave the world feeling colorless and drab. If you want to fight back the blues year-round by bringing the outdoors in,...

Build Your Stairway

There is an elegance to multi-level home plans. In addition to the outward appearance of having a taller structure, it can also be helpful for sectioning off different spaces for living, working and entertaining. As you’re in the early stages of planning your own...

Choose Your Bathtub

Few things lend the same level of personality and luxury to your newly built or remodeled bathroom like the right bathtub. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or for something with simple functionality, there are options to adapt to your needs. If you’re...

Your Fireplace Starting Point

As the weather gets colder and you’re looking for a mantle to hang Christmas stockings from, you might be thinking about how nice it would be to have a house with a fireplace. From staying warm on winter nights to setting the perfect backdrop for holiday mornings, a...

Should I Use A Stock Floorplan or Custom Build My Own?

Even after you’ve decided to build your own home from the foundation up, you might be surprised how many big choices still remain before your lot of land can be transformed into your dream house. Before you break ground, you’ll want to decide with your chosen builder...

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