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Bringing Reality TV Remodels into Reality

One of the most popular ways to zone out — especially if you’re an avid television watcher with an interest in all things property — is to tune into one of the many reality shows that entertains viewers by chronicling a home’s construction or renovation. Shows like...

Benefits to Building

We talk a lot about the details of the building process, from finishing out kitchens and bathrooms to the paperwork process along the way. But sometimes it’s important to take a few steps back and examine the core question at the heart of the process: Why should you...

How Much Square Footage Does Your Home Need?

One of the best things about building a new home is that you get absolute control over the details. This leaves everything open to customizability: decor, floorplan, location and square footage. If you’ve bought a home before, you might have experienced the feeling of...

Step Right Up: Paving Your Entry Walkway

Although you might be putting a lot of time and energy into planning the structure, floor plan and decor of your custom built home, all future visitors to your house will be experiencing some other elements first. Before they ever knock on your front door, they’ll be...

5 Inspiring Living Room Reinventions

We’ve talked about kitchen and bathroom remodels before, and they are easily the most popular rooms to be featured on renovation blogs. But there’s another room that’s equally as key to your daily life: the living room. This room will provide the backdrop to a lot of...

Understanding the 4 Types of Faucet Valves

Faucets and fixtures are one of those things you’ve probably never thought about — until it came time to choose one for your custom built or remodeled home. Before you head to the hardware store and face the overwhelming array of options, here’s a breakdown of your...

6 Inspiring Uses for Wallpaper

If you’ve ever moved into an older house, you may have had the experience of having to peel off old, faded wallpaper. Or maybe you’ve been in the position of hesitating to put wallpaper into your new home because you’re picturing exactly that scenario one day playing...

Laying the Foundation

Once the paperwork and prep work is done and the lot prepared, the first thing that will happen in actually building your new custom home is laying the foundation. When you’re planning the structure of your house, there are multiple different foundation types to...

Warm for the Winter: Insulating Your New Home

When you’re in the colder months, it’s easy to appreciate the value of a well-insulated home. Having the proper architecture and insulating process for your house not only ensures that you stay warm, it also drastically reduces your utility expenditures. A properly...

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